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Partner in Open Innovation & Open Talent Economy

Partner in
Open Innovation & Open Talent

We believe the Future of Work is radically changing. Open Innovation, Co-creation & Augmented Workforce is a reality for faster Goto-Market. Our unique platform & community intelligence support you in this new world order


    IncubateHub offers a ​whitelabelled & responsive portal​ to promote, manage and track initiatives leading to Open innovation, Product Adoption, Co-creation & Talent Engagement


    IncubateHub helps you with conceptualisation, ​outreach & program management of innovative initiatives like Product-a-thons, Deep tech startup engagement & Open innovation with Enterprising talent community


    IncubateHub has deep intelligence in communities like Students, Developers​, ​Start-ups​ & Social enterprises​ facilitating faster activation of your programs & predictable outcomes

What we do

We have run successful programs for Corporate Foundations, Large Enterprises, Academia & Incubators across emerging technology domains like Analytics & Data Science, Fintech, IoT, Augmented & Virtual Reality, B2B SaaS and also non-technology domains

Our core offerings include:

  • Employer Branding

    IncubateHub helps organisations to capture mindshare and establish their positioning and brand in the relevant audience like students, start-ups, hackers, makers, professionals & domain enthusiasts through innovative programs like hack-a-thons and incubation initiatives among others.

  • Product Adoption

    IncubateHub helps organisations to establish the product branding, improve product perception & increase product adoption and penetration in the relevant target audience through our innovative process and deep insights into the communities of students, start-ups, hackers, makers, professionals & domain enthusiasts.

  • Talent Discovery & Engagement

    IncubateHub helps organisations with innovative programs to discover talent in emerging Tech & engage existing talent. IncubateHub’s integrated platform helps organisations to run programs like hack-a-thons, idea curation, idea incubation & award programs in a seamless and effective manner.

  • University Relations

    IncubateHub helps organisations to build long term, sustainable relationships with students and staff of universities through business Challenges & hackathons. With our large base of College Ambassadors, IncubateHub can help to establish your brand within the diverse and widespread student community.

  • Co-Creation

    IncubateHub helps organisations to build an effective eco-system of partners through hackathons with the developer & Startup community or run incubation programs bringing the relevant communities on to a common platform for beneficial engagement. Incubatehub has deep insights in the Startup, Makers & Developer community in India

  • Hack-a-Thon

    IncubateHub has deep expertise and experience in conceptualising and executing successful hack-a-thons for multiple organisations. Whether it is a hack-initiative bringing entrepreneurs and developers together or its recruiting strategy to hire talent in Emerging tech, IncubateHub’s hack-a-thon process can help you.

  • Product-a-Thon

    IncubateHub’s unique and innovative Product-a-thon initiative helps organisations to reach out to the community with their existing business problem and seek ideas for effective solutions. The Product-a-thon helps to curate the ideas from the ecosystem and select the right product or solution from the ecosystem – on a seamless integrated platform.

  • Incubation Programs

    IncubateHub can help organisations to embark upon a long term initiative to engage with start-up community by running a contest based program which curates and discover the most relevant start-ups. Working with IncubateHub’s community and process, organisations can identify and incubate the most relevant start-ups for their business growth.

  • Awards & Showcase

    IncubateHub can help organisations to conceptualise and execute niche award programs identifying the relevant partners, vendors or customers, shortlisting the ideas, curating the ideas through a jury process, running a voting campaign to choose winner and hosting a showcase of the nominees and awards night – all on a simple, easy to use integrated platform.

With Whom

Get to know some of IncubateHub's amazing customer success stories and learn how we have helped these organisations conceptualise, execute and manage their strategic initiatives with the help of our integrated platform

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  • University Relations
  • Employer Branding
  • Talent Engagement
  • Community Engagement
  • Product Adoption

Quest Global Ingenium


ITC Infotech IOT Challenge




NASSCOM Analytics





Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

NASSCOM Foundation



IBM Smartcamp


ITC Infotech AR/VR Productathon


What people say about us

We got the opportunity to work with FHS Incubatehub during a pan India AR/VR & IOT challenge. FHS delivered the platform for this event to the satisfaction of entire project team and stakeholders. The teams ability to address customer related issues without compromising on the customer experience, is invaluable



Head of Marketing ITC Infotech

IncubateHub supported us in rollingout QuEST Ingenium program. The team is young and energetic and is fully committed to deliver at their best. QuEST Global is happy to have worked with them for the project.Great work FHS Incubatehub


Krupalini Swamy

Global Head - University Relationship and Development at QuEST Global

Dramatically reduced our program management cost. Helped us streamlining the process of applications, to mentor onboarding, Startup shortlisting, keeping track of progress & finally showcasing it to investors & other stakeholders


Miscelle Rebello

Senior Manager at National Entrepreneurship Network

Made it easy to rate, review various Startup ideas & keep track of progress of my shortlisted startups. Good stuff.


Rajat Agarwal

CEO RJ Software. Mentor at Nasscom e-Summit

We have found the platform to be intuitive & very friendly for mentors, admin & the entrepreneurs to incubate business ideas. We definitely feel it is the need of the hour for the Indian startup ecosystem. Best of Luck to the FHS Incubatehub team.


Atul Gupta, Chair - Nasscom e-Summit

Founder - InSync Solutions & Inspiria Knowledge Campus

Why Us

IncubateHub is India's largest Initiative Management Platform.

With a large, vibrant & engaged community of Students, Professionals, Hackers, Makers & Startups & previous experience of executing large scale programs, IncubateHub is your partner-of-choice to conceptualise and execute corporate initiatives.

Whether you have a Short Term Tactical Execution Project or a Long Term Strategic Engagement Initiative, IncubateHub has the right package for you!

About Us


IncubateHub is a leading provider of an integrated platform for initiative management. We work closely with our corporate clients to promote, manage and track your initiatives like employer branding, product adoption, hackathon, Co-creation and talent engagement.

IncubateHub has helped multiple customers like ITC, Quest Global, IBM, Digital Ocean, NASSCOM and others through innovative programs like hackathons, Product-a-thons, incubation challenges, start-up events etc targeting specific communities.

IncubateHub has a cumulative community base comprising of over 100,000+ students; 5,000+ start-ups; 15,000+ aspiring entrepreneurs & 20,000 developers, makers & professionals among others. InbubateHub’s deep insights of these communities stem from a dynamic intelligence gathering and analysis providing you with an up-to-date, real time understanding of the community.

IncubateHub’s strengths and understanding of the market gives us the ability to slice the community based on interest levels, domain expertise, industry experience, proven skills and other parameters ensuring the success of your initiatives by targeting specific segments.

Meet our team

Advisory Board

  • Amit Bansal

    CTO Pearson. past CEO
  • Pinkesh Shah

    CEO- Institute of Product Leadership
  • Srikanth Sundararajan

    Venture partner Helion Venture

Incubatehub Team

  • Rajiv Mukherjee

    CEO & Founder
  • Pradeep V

  • Kaushal Veluri

    Marketing Consultant
  • Kartik Kasshyap

    Customer Experience Leader
  • Vijetha Kiran Nayak

    Employer Branding Expert
  • Aniket Chatterjee

    Tech Team
  • Gaurav Kumar Singh

    Tech Team
  • Ahsan Habib

    Tech Team
  • Prajwal

    Tech Team

Contact us

Postal address:

Global Incubation Services(GINSERV), CA Site No:1, Behind Hotel Leela Palace Kempinski, HAL 3rd Stage, Kodihalli, Bengaluru


Phone Number :
(+91) 810 530 0503




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