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As startup founders ourselves we have greater founder empathy, sharing your stress of growth partnerships, corporate connects and finding the right investment partner for growth.

  1. Our Corporate Partners & Strategic Investors share their requirements specific to their Focus Areas
  2. We put intensive effort in the matchmaking process so that both parties can be absolutely certain about whether they want to start working together or not.
  3. We enable investment in at least 30% of the companies that are accepted in our Corporate Open innovation program through our Corporate Angel Fund
  4. Our Theme-based Accelerators invest & accelerate portfolio startups to 3X revenues in 18-24 months through a demand-led proprietary playbook
  • Join Global Community
  • Showcase Solution to our Clients
  • Promote Case studies to 800+ CXO
  • Win Paid Pilot Projects & Long Contracts
  • Investment via Corporate Angel Fund
  • Funding from other Network Investors
  • Qualified Corporate Meetings
  • Global GTM Partner
  • Long Term Contracts
  • Strategic Investments
  • Global Market Entry
Selection Criteria
  • Usecase
  • Team
  • Startup Stage
  • Customer Traction
  • Funding
  • Product Maturity
The Process
Startup Showcasing
Project Implementations
Startup Curation
Contract Winning

Startup Curation

Startup Showcasing

Contract Winning

Project Implementations

Partner Startups (120)